Little Track Recorder

Jean Loup Pecquais
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The Little Track Recorder is a simple device that allows you to record an audio files anywhere in your signal chain. It was designed for solo live performers so they can easily record their show.

It is a simple device to use. Insert it on a track, set a directory to save your audio files, press the record button and voilà !

You can use multiple devices on multiple tracks. You can even link them so you don't have to set the directory path multiples times or start the record on each devices.

You can also use the Little Track Recorder as a pre-post recorder. By inserting an instance before an fx chain and another one after, you can record the dry and wet signals ! Simply specify a device name for each devices on the same track by clicking on the "A" button (which stand for advenced. Yes, this is as complicated as it get)

Please note : there is, at this time, no way to guarantee the synchronicity of a multitrack recording. Therefore, I suggest you to use a click signal to be able to resync your files after the recording.

  • You'll get the Little Track Recorder Max4Live device

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    102 KB
  • You'll get the Little Track Recorder Max4Live device
  • Size102 KB


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Little Track Recorder

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